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Non-benefited (part-time)
Electrical Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Assist electrical staff technicians.

Non-benefited (part-time)
CDC Teaching Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Assist the teacher in the supervision and management of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Student employees hired for this position may be eligible for the Federal Work Study program. If you are qualified, you will be contacted with more information.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Makeup Artist (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Makeup Artist for University Productions


Non-benefited (part-time)
Custodial Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Join a team of fellow students to clean and maintain various campus locations. Crews clean during afternoon and evening hours (2-6 pm and 11-midnight.) and work in areas such as residence halls, academic buildings, Davis Field House, and office spaces. Schedule can be flexible depending on your availability.

Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Virtual Assistant for International Programs (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: This position is responsible to communicate with international students overseas taking BJU online classes through an academic partnership with BJU. The hours are usually Monday to Thursday evenings with occasional morning hours available. 

Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Hi 101 Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:   Student will help take attendance, post grades for quizzes, and assist with testing for the Hi 101, The Making of the Modern World.

Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Computer Science Teaching Assistant

POSITION SUMMARY:  Student assistant to help with grading and administrating digital literacy and computer science courses.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Student Health Services Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Looking for students that can assist in the delivery of meals to students in isolation.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Language Helper (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Language helper will work with students in an apprenticeship for Li 301 Field Methods in Linguistics.  Needed spring semester MWF 9:00 am to 9:50 am. Contact Dr. Chris Martin at cmartin@bju.edu

Non-benefited (part-time)
Ministry Partner Student Caller (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Build positive relationships with existing and potential ministry partners through telephone call interactions.

Summer EduCamp Counselor (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: The summer camp counselor position is to assist the directors and other faculty of the various EDUcamps. Counselors are responsible to ensure the campers have an excellent, safe, and Christ-honoring EDUcamp experience. Counselors will report directly to the Men’s & Women’s lead counselors and to the EDUcamp Director.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Facilities Grounds Assistant

POSITION SUMMARY: Assist Grounds Staff.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Language Helper: Spanish Grader (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: The student grader will assist Spanish instructor of beginning and intermediate Spanish courses, primarily by grading student work.

Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Davis Field House Assistant (Student)

DFH employees assist the Bruin Athletic department with the day to day operations of the Davis Field House, Athletic Fields, Fremont Fitness Center, and Women’s Fitness Center.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Elementary School Late Stay Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Supervise elementary age children by learning the students’ names, leading group activities, giving devotionals, enforcing rules, and keeping an accurate record of how long each child stays.

Student employees hired for this position may be eligible for the Federal Work Study program. If you are qualified, you will be contacted with more information.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Public Safety Patrol (Student)

Under general supervision, student employee is responsible for law enforcement, patrol, and emergency response for campus property.

                Please note:  3 references required when applying for this position.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Content Marketing Writer (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Exciting opportunity for Bob Jones University undergraduate student to gain experience writing for a widely viewed and respected digital outlet -- and get paid. Position includes researching and writing news and feature stories for BJUtoday website under editor supervision. Student should have previous writing experience, and hours should not conflict with class/extracurricular activities. This is a one-semester paid position with the opportunity for extension.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Academy Primary Center Late Stay (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  To lead activities and assist in the supervision of K3-K5 students from 2:30 - 5:30 pm.

Student employees hired for this position may be eligible for the Federal Work Study program. If you are qualified, you will be contacted with more information.

Full-time (Seasonal Summer Position)
Summer KinderKamp Staff (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  To lead activities and assist in the daily supervision of rising K4 - 1st grade students

Non-benefited (part-time)
Stage Crew (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Assists in the movement, setup and construction of Stage Equipment and sets for use in programs and ceremonies, and concerts around campus.


Non-benefited (part-time)
Engineering Lab Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Assist the engineering faculty with operating the engineering labs.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Fine Arts Logistics (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Moving percussion and other music-related equipment to the various venues for rehearsals, performances, and trips.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Programs & Productions Box Office Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Assist with ticket sales and customer service with the ticket booth.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Academic Resource Center Liaison (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Work in conjunction with Academic Resource Center team to promote student success through the various resources provided to students, faculty, and staff during the day hours and evening hours as the Alumni Building Host.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Chemistry Lab Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Assists in preparation of chemistry lab experiments.

Non-benefited (part-time)
IT Assets Technician (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Provisioning and disposition of hardware and software assets.

            Please note:  3 references required when applying for this position.

Non-benefited (part-time)
International Orientation Team Leader (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  The international orientation team leader is to assist the Center of Global Opportunities and First-year Experience departments with International New Student Orientation.
The leaders’ primary responsibilities are to the new international students as they ensure they have an excellent, safe, and Christ-honoring experience. Leaders will report directly to the Center for Global Opportunities and First-year Experience departments. They should be available to arrive early to finish preparation and prepare for leader training.

Non-benefited (part-time)
IT Service Desk Technician (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Provide technical support for computer systems on campus by repairing, replacing, and deploying hardware and software components while providing answers to questions relating to support.  Applicant would need to start during the semester.  Work is available during the summer if desired.

             Please note:  3 references required when applying for this position.

Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Summer EduCamp Instructor/Assistant (Student)


  • Provide instruction in specific subject areas for BJU summer campers.
  • This job is for those who have been asked by a camp director to work in a specific camp. 
Non-benefited (Seasonal) Position
Summer EDUcamp Jr. Activity Leader/Counselor (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Responsible for activities, safety and the spiritual growth of campers

Non-benefited (part-time)
Biology Lab Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Prepare reagents and supplies for biology lab courses and enforce student life policies in the science building.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Switchboard Operator I (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Switchboard operators direct incoming calls to University extensions as well assist the University family and visitors with information. In addition they train new student operators.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Public Safety Traffic (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: Under general supervision, student employee is responsible for all campus traffic direction and student cross walk duties.

           Please note:  3 references required when applying for this position.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Graphic Production Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Support Marketing Production needs campus-wide.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Automotive Wash Detail (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Assist the GA to ensure that all university trip vehicles are clean, fueled, & ready for pickup according to schedule.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Bruins Athletic Team Student Manager (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: All responsibilities related to overseeing player and practice equipment for games and practice times. Miscellaneous responsibilities for all aspects of the program.

Please indicate on the application your preferred sport:

  • Men's Basketball
  • Men's Soccer (3 references required when applying)
  • Women's Basketball
  • Women's Soccer
  • Volleyball
Non-benefited (full-time)
Ministry Team Member (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY: To advance the mission of BJU by representing and promoting BJU to teens and parents as well as teachers, principals and pastors.

        This position requires that you sit out one semester and travel full-time for BJU.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Physics Lab Assistant (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Assist the physics and engineering faculty with operating the physics and engineering labs, the planetarium, and the observatory.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Marketing Graphic Designer (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:  Provides layout and design for external and internal communications.

Non-benefited (part-time)
Student Recruiter (Student)

POSITION SUMMARY:   Assist the Office of Admission by building relationships with prospective students to the purpose of encouraging regenerate & teachable students to attend BJU.

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