Account Collection Specialist

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Position Summary: Manage the entire Student Loan process from loan application to collections.


  • Plans and organizes the collection activities for Bob Jones University and associated departments and schools
  • Negotiates payment plans or other methods for payment of delinquent accounts
  • Follows up with customers on established payment plans and special arrangements
  • Answers questions by mail, phone, e-mail, and in person regarding federal and BJU loan repayment, policy, terms of agreement, and hindrances to making payments
  • Persuades, motivates, and counsels debtors regarding budgeting, finding employment, and fulfilling financial obligations
  • Finds and obtains updated contact information (address and phone numbers–skiptracing)
  • Sends file of demographic changes made on ECSI to Data Services each month so that Infoman can be updated
  • Offers BJU loans to students who have an outstanding open account balance at the end of the semester. Sends files to ECSI so that ECSI can generate the loan documents
  • Interfaces with the billing servicer for BJU loans–ECSI
  • Selects and refers delinquent accounts to collection agencies
  • Monitors collection agency activity, payments, and effectiveness. Checks agency information to insure they are collecting the correct amounts from the correct responsible party and returning accounts timely that they are unable to collect. Communicates and interfaces with collection agency personnel
  • Maintains current and progressing knowledge of collection methods and changes in applicable collection laws and regulations
  • Proposes changes in University policy and practices to better fulfill their mission while being more effective in reducing losses from non-payment of debts and loans and avoiding legal issues
  • Attempts to contact at-risk borrowers (those who left school at some time other than at the end of a semester) during their Grace Period to establish a positive relationship
  • Monitors delinquencies on federal loans, attempts to contact debtors to keep them from defaulting and to keep the BJU federal default rate low
  • Sends letters to students who withdraw during the semester regarding the status of their federal financial aid and their BJU balance (R2T4-Return to Tile IV)
  • Monitors, contacts and counsels current students who are over the BJU debt limit
  • Executes the BJU Default Prevention and Management Plan approved by the BJU board in 2011. The plan provides activities, techniques, and tools to promote student and school success and reduce student loan defaults on federal
  • Sends congratulations and confirmation of payment-in-full on BJU loans
  • Submits accounts for approval to be written off and then deletes the balance when approved
  • Monitors delinquencies on BJA accounts, sends monthly courtesy reminder e-mails, and makes calls to parents to resolve delinquencies.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Knowledge of delinquent account management.
  • Knowledge of collections tactics
  • Skill of learning Third Party Loan System
  • Skill of conflict management
  • Ability to communicate written and orally
  • Ability to analysis loan activity
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Ability to interact with customers

Required Education: High School Graduate or GED
Required Experience: One to three years related experience
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